Armatura –Your suit of armour.

Welcome to the standard of the personalized suit buying experience. Armatura Bespoke is an individually focused suit shopping encounter that caters to your needs as a man in the changing modern world. With precise fittings and unique customizations, our mobile team and style experts will ensure that comfort and luxury fit together like a knight and his armour.


Armatura Bespoke is a gentlemen’s fashion experience that helps to transform our clients from the inside out. Our expert style guides will create a personal suit experience that is fully customizable and targeted towards you as an individual
person. We believe that how a man dresses can not only have a positive impact on how the world views you, but more importantly how you feel about yourself. While the world of men’s fashion is growing and changing – the feeling provided by a fully fitted and custom wardrobe never goes out of style.

Armatura Bespoke is about you and your choices. It is about providing our clients with a professional, convenient, and luxurious suit buying experience that is geared towards every body type and personality – one that truly focuses on you as a person and who you want to be in this world.