The Bespoke Process


We Come to You

Luxury meets convenience. We come to a location of your preference, your home, or even your office.

Whatever location benefits you the most, we’ll be there. Schedule an appointment and gain access to our personal stylists to accommodate the arrangements you may have. We bring all the tools we need to you.


Get Measured

We’ll conduct thirty-two different measurements and analyze ten different body postures.

We take time to know you, your tastes, and preferences; even your hobbies will contribute to what your wardrobe needs are. We take extra attention to your build, stance, and posture. This will produce form-fitting clothes to compliment your physique.


We Provide You Choices

We work with eight different fabric mills across the globe and offer endless customizations to your suit.

When we say custom, we mean every detail. With your decided cloth in mind, we begin to architect the finer details starting with the cut of the lapel, the button layouts, surgeon cuffs, pocket styles, inner lining, personalized monograms, right down to the colour of the threads.


The Armatura

Prior to tailoring your final suit, we provide you the opportunity to look and feel a prototype to make any adjustments to your master profile.

During this visual prototype suit-fitting, it allows us to finalize any additional items that may need minor altering while fine-tuning details and tailoring of your fit. This production step is exclusive to Armatura Bespoke.


Final Delivery

Hand-delivered personally by your stylist, we will educate you on the intricacies of style and aftercare of your Armatura piece.

Lastly, we educate you on the subtle rules and recommendations of donning your new suit. We’ll highlight what truly sets your Armatura Bespoke item apart from the rest, along with the best practices of aftercare for your garments.

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Formal Wear


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Consult with a Stylist

Your bespoke experience starts with a consultation with one of our industry leading stylists. They will guide you through variouos style choices and personalizations to construct the perfect suit.